Understanding Colour Spaces

Commercial Printing for Businesses is part of a series of infographics to help the common folks understand better the nuances of the printing processes.

Mankind, as complex or as advance we are today, are still struggling in more ways than not in translating what we think in that head of ours into what we exactly we want. It’s a gap that will continue to exist, until some scientific genius figure out a way for humans to elucidate with the convenience of a simple thought. As luck would have it, there’s a couple of tricks up the designer’s toolkit to mitigate these mistranslations.

The most common mistranslations encountered in what the team have encountered are managing colours in and out. The creative work we do, though complex in the creative process in itself, is no more convoluted than sorting out how people perceive colours in differing mediums. Thankfully there are standards to follow in the industry to help us sleep better at night. Knowing what colour spaces are, and how these colours are created digitally and on print helps us in figuring the seemingly mystical way we perceive light and its implications. If you’re lost, well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s something to help you out!

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