Digital Print and Offset Printing

Commercial Printing for Businesses is part of a series of infographics to help the common folks understand better the nuances of the printing processes.

If you’ve been in town around Singapore’s Art District, there’s a group of printing houses and commercial shops that offer excellent and affordable printing services. They offer a wide range of services;printing of posters to decals and even large format A0 sized prints.

For most businesses, getting your prints right is of utmost importance. That’s one of the key touch-points in communicating your products and services to potential clients. Often, colours displayed on your monitors may not be correctly translated to your prints. In rare cases, printers even need to chop some of your content on your print in order to print border-less.

Today, we won’t go over the nasty bits of technical details that have convoluted the printing processes. However, let’s look at two of the most common processes of printing that will influence your print-outs (and your wallet).

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