The Future of Toilets

Truth to be told, we weren’t totally expecting some exploratory type of solution when the task came down to rethink what future toilets be like. At the outer most level, it was immediately apparent that people dreaded cleaning, and the general task of toilet maintenance. With Singapore’s current labour crunch, the outlook seems pretty bleak.

Taking a back seat, we took some time to understand the issues cleaners are facing; uncooperative users, repetition of work, and in itself the difficulty of cleaning the toilets. Building managers take on an important role in administering the toilets too. The frequency of checks on the ground allow managers to gain an immediate on snapshot of the facilities. Unfortunately, the current process is extremely manual and tedious.

How might we better match the cleaners’ and managers’ needs then?

Here’s a quick infographic to quickly visualise our team’s proposal for this seemingly wicked problem.

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