Website Design and Development
Collateral Design and Production


2 months


The team at KR Consultancy was happy with and fond of their old logo, so there was no brief from the client. We had to write our own brief based on the conversations we had with the client and what we felt would best visually represent the brand. The onus was on us to convince the client, despite them being happy with what they currently had, we were able to crystallise their thoughts in their logo.


During our discovery phase, we realised that the work done by our client was complex, multi-faceted and multi-dimensional. The original logo was a 2 piece jigsaw puzzle, one the client was happy with, as they felt that they were helping their clients puzzles. However, we thought that it was more than just solving jigsaw puzzles.

What started off as a website project now became more than that, as we felt the client could do much better with its logo and what it stood for as a company. We also felt that the logo did show the client helping to solve problems and puzzles, but it lacked the multi-dimensional aspect. As there was a strong sense of attachment, we had the uphill challenge of convincing them to change.

The final logo was a 3D puzzle which was used to represent the complexities and the multi-dimensional problem solving KR Consultancy provided to their clients.