Logo Guide


A new company was looking to build a brand new leather brand, which combined the honour of heritage and traditional of leather craft with an appeal to the younger generation. The founder felt that the younger generation had no real appreciation for leather goods, a staple for many generations before them. He wanted something strong and bold, responsive of leather goods and the statement they are capable of making


After doing some research on the word Melchio, the team found its connection to a fictional character and could potentially have links to “Melchior”, meaning king in Hebrew. 


Both links have a root in battle, bringing us to how the concept of using helmets as the symbol. Helmets often are items to differentiate armies in battles in ages past, also it is probably the last item to be donned before riding into battle. Similar to how leather goods are often used as part of our own style, and it is one part of our outfit which changes much less in comparison. Also it is usually the last thing we pick up before heading out to take on the challenges ahead of us.


This gave birth to how Melchio’s helmet will be its sigil/logo, done up in contemporary design trends, merging heritage with the modern world