Commercial Printing for Businesses is part of a series of infographics to help the common folks understand better the nuances of the printing processes.

One of the most invisible step of commercial printing has to do with choosing the right paper stock for your project. Yes, we understand that the artwork and visuals are often seen as the more important of the creative and printing process. Colours, tone, composition would be top of mind first naturally for both client and designers,  and thankfully, that’s a good thing. Most of all, that’s not the only thing.

To really squeeze that extra 10% points out of your project and budget, do consider sitting down with a stock sampler in hand, to deliberate about the type of paper you may want to use. With the tip of your finger, flick the paper sample with a meaningful vigour. Feel the rigidity of the stock, and hear the “crunchiness” of the structure bouncing back into place. Gently caress both sides of the sheet with your thumb and index finger, feel how the texture of the paper is when you slide your fingers on the surface.

These are the more emotive qualities you might want to consider when choosing your stock beyond the technical factors highlighted in the infographic. Remember, the medium is often more important than the message!

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