Yet another busy week at Monocoque HQ! Fortunately, we have our Shawn, our Business Lead kick-starting midday with a delicious serving of Aglio Olio. In our studio, even amidst the onslaught of creative change requests, lunch hour remains the lunch hour.

We think that as designers (or any profession really), it is valuable to have a good range of peripheral skills or hobbies. As much as we hope it to be, ideas don’t just appear out of thin air! We have to rely on these extra experiences outside our usual job scope in order to find parallels that compliment one another.

Things like learning how to cook enables a top level empathy of the culinary world. Performing simple chores like delivery might even exposes an individual to the intricacies of logistics. With the right attitude, these train our gut as designers to learn to understand processes that influences each step of a service journey. Only with better understanding allows a more cohesive approach in tackling situations when similar problem arises.

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