The Team

Our Culture

Unapologetically Curious

As the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat. We’re people, we don’t count.


We think about consequences before we act. A simple design intention has to be carefully considered rolling out to the masses!


We believe in delivering at the right time every single time.

Core Team

Shawn Lee

Business Lead

Shawn serves as the main contact point and the team’s project manager.

Sean Tan

Design Steward

Sean is on a journey of self-discovery, often finding meaning and beauty in exploratory design.


Yuan Kai Leow

Creative Technician

Kai leads experience design and is on advisory role to the design teams.

We're hiring

Visual Designer

0 - 2 years experience

You have a keen sense of aesthetics, and is able to work cross mediums from print to digital. Most importantly, you’ve got the ability to think beyond 2D design, to be able to see the importance of contexts and its implication in your designs.

UI Designer

0 - 2 years experience

You are a digital native and knows what’s best that goes into the look and feel of a digital product. You’re well-versed in the App and Web design scene, and are equipped with the best tools to help design and build the product. You also happen to know a little bit of front end coding to be able to speak with developers to get stuff done.