More than just a badge

A seal of excellence tied to the Singapore brand



As part of the drive to build quality tech companies, the then Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) started a new department to look into the local tech scene to find gems. IDA was looking to help them promote and scale both locally and regionally, as Singapore saw that as the next phase of growth and sustainability of our economy.



As a new department of IDA which had to deal with more external stakeholders, a brand and visual identity had to be developed for Accreditation. A few phone calls and face-to-face meetings were scheduled to better understand the requirements and restrictions in place to help us set the context and boundaries. With these nailed, it laid the foundation stones for ideation and moving forward with the design process.



During the kickoff meeting, the rationale of starting this department and both its short and long term goals were set out. [email protected] was set up to look for gems in specific tech fields, help refine their processes and also market their services to other governmental agencies and the private sector. The Accreditation team had outline requirements these tech companies had to meet and audited them based on it before they are allowed to embark on the Accreditation programme.

Hence, it was essential to build the brand to depict the merge between [email protected] as an authoritative figure in the industry and Singapore’s world renowned standard of excellence. This had to not only be used by the department as their brand and visual identity but also as a stamp of endorsement from them to the tech companies.



Taking the various requirements into consideration, the brand was developed to bear the resemblance to a lion’s face, synonymous with Singapore. Not only does it speak of the intention of [email protected] but tech companies can also display it as part of awards and accreditations. The multi-faceted cuts, pay tribute to the trillion cut rubies used in the manufacturing process of a myriad of tech products.
The core colours were different shades of pink, which are both IDA’s corporate colours and also the cut from the abovementioned rubies, tying the entire concept together.