The traveller’s experience

Your travel specialist media agency




WPP zeroed in on travel and travelers as a good avenue for very specific forms of marketing for their clients. Geosophy was set up as a global specialist agency to make meaningful connections between its clients and the traveller audience through contextual communications solutions.



As the number of travelers climb year on year, WPP wanted to focus on the avenues for communications and advertisements based on specifically the traveller’s journey. With the increasing affluence of many travelers, coupled with the waiting, transit and travel times, many brands can tap into these time frames to engage holistically with their potential customers.



An initial call was set up between the client’s headquarters in London and the team based in Singapore. This was initial to understand the context as well as the prospects and clients Geosophy was reaching out and pitching to. Majority of their clients and potential target audience were high-end luxury brands, the likes of Hermes and LVMH, targeting travellers of a certain socio-economic status. This set the direction for the brand, as there was a look and feel required when working with such brands.

It was also important to understand why the team chose the name Geosophy and what it stood for, and its brand promise. It wanted to have the single, most comprehensive view for smart targeting and to show its clients the high value of the Traveller audience, and the benefits to brands of reaching this highly attractive group of consumers wherever they are – before, during and after the actual journey. This sense of a holistic journey and experience was also key in developing the visual identity.



The visual identity developed reflected both the heritage and clout of the WPP brand, while keeping it modern and minimal. This was essential to show its prospects and clients Geosophy was going to tap into the wealth of knowledge and tradition of excellence of WPP, the world’s largest communications network. Armed with this, state of the art tools and top-notch personnelm Geosophy was going to help brands stand out from its competitive and build a new experience for travellers. 

The key feature of the identity is the compass, which represents Geosophy’s mission to help their clients navigate the complicated media landscape and relatively new space of traveller journey. As the Geosophy team frequently mentioned, “The experience of the journey is just as important as reaching the destination. Hence, it was important for the team to walk their clients on this journey, through unchartered spaces, and help them understand what, how and why it works.