A fresh coat of paint

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 Brand Material Production


3 Months

Kickoff / Brief

It was time for a re-brand, to update IPOS’s image here in Singapore and abroad. However, there was a request to keep the logo, the mainstay of the corporate identity, and everyone felt that the lightbulb imagery was synonymous with ideas and intellectual property.

While retaining the original logo, the rest of the corporate identity had to keep up with the times as well as the vision and mission of IPOS, keeping in line with the direction and aspirations it had for Singapore.


The initial meetings were to find out more about the driving force behind this exercise and to outline the deliverables required. One important thought which stood out was that intellectual property could be one of the key drivers of Singapore’s economic growth and sustainability in the near future. This helped build the core idea behind the re-brand: weaving intellectual property into the economic fabric, making it a core part of the economy, helping us stay relevant and ahead of the competition we are facing.

The weave concept also signifies the need for much planning and for the various stakeholders such as the government, educational and research institutes, local businesses and even individuals to all come together, build a strong fabric which will propel us into the future. This ideology is not new to our country, given how our social fabric has been kept in place despite the diversity of cultures here in Singapore.

Key Challenges

IPOS was and is an established brand here in Singapore and also the intellectual property community globally. As with many more established brands, changing their brand and corporate image can be challenging and it was no different with IPOS. There was an image tied to the IPOS brand which people knew and were familiar with. During the entire exercise, we had to keep the essence of the brand whilst implementing a new and upgraded look for IPOS. This was done by keeping one eye on the vision for intellectual property in Singapore for the next 10 years and beyond.