Security measures

Solving multi-dimensional problems


KR Consultancy


KR Consultancy is a security company focused on solving their clients’ security issues, such as the planning of security infrastructure and equipment as well as training of their security personnel. Given the nature of security, their work and solutions were manifold, having to cater to reduce the possibility of a breach.



It started off as a website design and development project but during the initial “understand” stage, we realised that the work KR Consultancy does is complex and multi-faceted. The KR Consultancy was fond of their original logo and brand despite it not representing what the company stood for and did.



Due to the fondness of the original logo, there was a need to write a brief based on the conversations and discussions had to gain empathy and insights of the business to make it possible to develop a new brand for KR Consultancy. As we felt the original logo was not doing the company justice, the onus was on us to conceptualise something that not only represented the company but also convince the team to adopt this new brand.

First, there was a need to understand why the team liked the original brand and what stood out to them. By doing so, we could understand what was important and distil the necessary, keeping the core of the brand vision in tact while having the ability to evolve the brand without restrictions.



Keeping the original thought of piecing parts of a puzzle together, the new brand was developed to move away from showing two-dimensional towards a more three-dimensional space. The logo was changed from a 2-piece flat jigsaw puzzle to one that is multi-faceted and multi-dimensional, requiring different elements to fit nicely to come together. This brought out the complexity of what KR Consultancy does and the nature of their work. The tessellation of the icon also shows how each part of the solution may prove challenging in itself but the team at KR Consultancy would still need to put each of these pieces together into one entire big picture to protect its clients.