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Leather accessories to finish your outfit




A new company was looking to bring back leather goods to the younger generation of affluent Indonesians. Instead of going with only the well-known luxury brands, Melchio wanted their customers to better understand leather and the benefits of hand-crafted leather goods.



Hand-crafted leather goods made to last and mature with use was slowly being phased out of the accessories used by Indonesians. However, the founder of Melchio had other ideas. He wanted to his clients to be part of the process of their customised leather goods and to treasure it.



Research was conducted to find out more about the word Melchio and there were two main themes. The first was Melchio was similar to Melchior alloy of which many historical helmets used in wars were made out of. The second was a connection to a fictional character and could potentially have links to “Melchior”, which means king in Hebrew.
The helmet was often used to differentiate armies and had to be of good quality to protect the soldiers wearing them. This was also important a point as Melchio wanted to emphasise the quality of the craftsmanship and the durability of their leather.



Due to the roots the word Melchio has to battles, the Melchio was conceptualised to be its sigil and logo. This is important as the leather accessories made by Melchio for their clients help to augment their fashion sense and style, pieces which set them apart from others. It is also the used often to contain and protect various everyday carry items such as your valuables. It also symbolises how it is usually one of the last items we pick up before heading out to take on the day ahead, similar to warriors in the past putting on their helmets before going into battle.