Air rescue on the way

Flying over land and sea to save lives


Red Dot Air Ambulance


Red Dot Air Ambulance was a subsidiary built under one of the private airlines operating out of Singapore. Singapore due to its geographical location was a good place to have Red Dot’s headquarters and be able to bring air ambulance and evacuation services to the region.



There are not many air ambulance services in Singapore, hence it was essential to get to know the industry better, what was the work done and how the brand can encapsulate all of that. The team at Red Dot Air Ambulance wanted the brand to be simple and easy for people to identify with even in distress



There were a couple of sensitive areas to take note of when developing this brand as it is both in the medical and aviation industries. One of the most important points required was that it needed to be easily recognised and identified with globally, across different cultures and languages. This is important as when the air ambulance service is required, there is often a heightened anxiety and probably even panic. With a symbol that everyone recognises, it reduces the mental power to process information on a high level, which may not be functioning well in such situations. The planes used by Red Dot are unique as they have been modified to be able to do air ambulance, rescue and evacuation services. It was important to include this in the visual identity so it has a tie-in with the equipment used in such missions. Lastly, there was a need to pay tribute to Singapore, from which the business is headquartered. Singapore also have a strategic geographic location and is well situated to support and cover the region. The absence of natural disaster is also an important factor to ensure all equipment and the home base is safe.



The logo developed for Red Dot Air Ambulance crossed both the medical and aviation symbols and put it together with the little red dot Singapore is. It is based on the red cross symbol universally recognised as the symbol of protection and neutrality, used to identify medical services. However, the cross in the middle was replaced with the silhouette of the plane used in the air ambulance and extraction services. This is used to show and tie together how the team at Red Dot Air Ambulances use these planes to rescue people and bring them to a place where they can be medically attended to.