Making Waves

Making a difference one stroke at a time


The Swim Society


The Swim Society was set up to change how swimming was taught at a fundamental level to students of different age groups. Marcus, the founder, who is now an assistant coach at the National Training Centre training the national swimmers, wanted to focus on the basics of the sport at the learn-to-swim stage, while making it fun still. This was going to change how learn-to-swim was traditionally done in Singapore.



Marcus wanted to impart practical scientific knowledge and stroke mechanics from the very get-go. This will be applied different from different students and simplified for the much younger crowd. Fundamentals taught right, go a long way in whatever we do.



After speaking to the founder, understanding how is going to go about coaching learn-to-swim and how it is really going to be different from majority of the coaches, there was an instant realisation how this will make waves in the swimming arena. There was a need to keep the brand clean and simple, so as to quickly get the message across right away. Much needed to be done to keep the concept simple yet tell the story and vision behind The Swim Society, and how it can potential herald in how swimming is being taught.



The core concept is based off a single water droplet. It represents the water where swimming takes place in. The singular droplet is also representative of how his single-minded focus on bringing his own brand of coaching and finding ways to getting his students to learn their fundamentals well. Swimming, like most things in life, starts with the fundamentals, and drop by drop, step by step, you keep building upwards. The Gestalt theory was also applied in the design of this brand. Despite having using the negative space within the droplet, our minds still naturally fill up the spatial gaps to form a whole imagery. The waves also represent the new wave of learning how to swim and coaching that was being brought in with The Swim Society and others like it.