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1 Month


A former national team swimmer was setting up a new swim school, focusing on the fundamentals of the sport right from the get-go at the learn-to-swim stage, while delivering it with a dose of fun and laughter. 

The Swim Society is part of a change in how swimming is taught here in Singapore as more swimmers with proper training in stroke mechanics are fusing it with their knowledge of science, before simplifying it for the younger crowd. 


The core of the concept is based on a single water droplet, a representative of the medium in which swimming takes place. The singular droplet represented how he was trying to change and influence how swimming is taught to the young, one person at a time, essentially starting a new wave of swimming coaching here in Singapore. It also signifies that swimming, like almost everything in life, starts with the fundamentals, from the ground up, continuously adding droplets of knowledge and experience. 

Gestalt theory was used in the way the droplet was designed, with our minds filling up the spatial gaps to form an imagery. The waves represent not only the waters but also the waves The Swim Society were trying to make in the larger swimming arena here in Singapore.